Tips for Keeping Our Chicken Always Healthy

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There are some things to do to make your chicken always in a good shape and good condition before you cook it. Especially if you are a chicken lover and want to pet them.


Observe Them

Ideally, the simplest way to care your hens healthy and happy usually is to simply observe them. So, hanging out along with your hens is designed for their health. Nothing beats knowing your girls well. Know their individual personalities and quirks, as some hens will certainly be naturally quieter and coo-y, while others, you will know those, will certainly be just plain boisterous, mischievous and frisky.

Physically and behaviourally, there will be signs and symptoms to look out for that will suggest a hen is feeling a little beneath the weather. I prefer to carry out an over-all observation of my flock in general every day watching how they interact with each other and move about. Healthy chickens will certainly be lively and busily pecking the bottom, eating and drinking, catching up on the newest gossip, very dustily bathing, preening, and chasing flying insects that took a wrong turn, as well as pecking at their flock-mates just to stay the pecking order so as.


Cleaning and Dusting

Coop cleanliness is really a sure fire method to promote good health with your backyard flock. Spending just a little time every day scooping up droppings and discarding loose feathers is a wonderful way to prevent illness. Soiled and wet bedding is really a breeding ground for harmful disease causing organisms. Some simple tools I prefer to possess handy really certainly can be a hand shovel for scooping, a scraper for stubborn stuck on waste, a metal rake and shovel for once the bedding must be completely mucked out and replaced which I usually do about every month. My hens simply go crazy in the sight of fresh straw with their house. The Backyard Chicken Coops designs have removable metal cleaning trays, which make this process even easier ; actually it becomes a breeze to clean ! Now, go into the mighty Apple Cider Vinegar ! ACV is really a wonderful natural cleaner to the entire chicken coop, feeders and waterers. Just mix a couple of teaspoons of ACV with water inside a spray bottle after which wipe off having a sponge or rag. Routine use can help to disinfect and inhibit dust, mildew, mold, and odors from forming with your coop.

Simply put, chickens prefer to become clean. Besides foraging and eating, they‘re going to spend a very good section of their day dallying inside the dust, shaking everything bath dust off after which preening themselves.


Feeding Them

Proper nutrition is a must that your hens will grow and flourish, lay LOTS of eggs, and chat the times away. It‘s imperative that the hens always, always, always have clean fresh drinking water. This‘ll vary using the seasons, so make sure to check it twice each day or maybe check it every week ! Chicken feed should match the developmental stages of your respective hens.


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