Taper Haircut for Any Men’s Hair Type

by Cynthia Lundstrom on / Fashion

Nowadays, it is not only the women who find it confusing in choosing hairstyles. Even the men, they must have experienced the bad hair day as well although they may not share it out loud. In fact, many men barber shops offered higher cost than the women hair care. Indeed, it looks like the men only have few hairstyles. Besides, they are comfortable enough with short haircut. However, you must not be surprised if the variants of short hair they can apply are numerous also. One of them which are really popular nowadays is the taper haircut. So, how is it?

Taper haircut is probably often seen anywhere. It is when the hair has been cut off with different length between the sides and middle. The middle part of hair tends to be longer while the sides are really short. Meanwhile, it is basically very classic. In this modern day, the ideas of taper haircut are more various. Classic taper haircut is still really popular nowadays. There is not too much styling on the middle part of hair in classic taper. It is only about the way you comb your hair. It gives you the sense of neat and elegant, makes it appropriate to be applied particularly in formal events like going to the office, party, and others.

Interestingly, this idea can be styled in many ways. Despite the classic one where comb and gel are being the main points, this haircut has many other ideas. You may add spikes on some parts to give modern vibes. Besides, it is also not bad to separate the hair into two part or namely side part. Whatever the types of hair, whether it is straight, wavy, or curly, it is really good for you. More than that, it matches any face shape well. So, are you fascinated to apply the taper haircut?

Cynthia Lundstrom

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