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Destiny 2: Warmind Review – Back To Work

by James A. Dacosta on / Games

Destiny 2 has been struggling to maintain its players spent for a little while today. Moving into its next expansion, Warmind, the greatest question was whether Destiny 2 can lure people to return to it. This expansion is geared toward the hardcore players, offering tough endgame activities and a slower, more demanding level grind to get there. If you are not interested in those things, though, there’s not a lot besides the exact old Destiny 2 actions to draw you into.

Warmind’s campaign consists of a couple of missions, and it takes about an hour and a half to finish. If you haven’t played Destiny 2 much since Curse of Osiris, then it’s easy to jump back in; I began at 310 electricity and did some minimal grinding to keep up with every mission’s suggested level. It remains a very welcome change from Destiny’s more rapid pace, in which skipping a few weeks meant another few weeks of intense grinding simply to grab.

Like most story-centric actions in Destiny two, Warmind’s effort does just enough explaining to warrant fighting enemies at the first place and leaves one to fill in the rest yourself. That could do the job very well, but in Warmind, a lot of apparently important things are packed into a very brief quantity of time; a buried Golden Age research facility, fresh information regarding Rasputin, a crazy-powerful spear, and suddenly a giant pig that you need to kill. It is not that those matters aren’t connected but rather that there is no opportunity to consume anything until you are in the final fight, and it is anticlimactic as a outcome.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Individually, Warmind’s different elements are now kind of cool. The Valkyrie spear can take out swarms of enemies in a quite gratifying throw, and battling a big, serpentine creature is fun only for the spectacle of this. The newest ally character, Ana Bray, is nearly interesting–she’s associated with Clovis Bray, a historic figure in Destiny lore, and can talk to Rasputin–but she does not have sufficient time to develop into anything substantial. Though Warmind is a growth in a hyper-intelligent AI that has been in existence since the first game, it seems like these are only the building blocks for what might be a persuasive narrative.

For laidback Destiny 2 players, the more accessible actions are a great way to test out the new ancestral weapon changes that started alongside the growth. The 1.2.0 upgrade is available even in the event you don’t have Warmind, but it’s at least nice to have a motive to try out the Exotic fans. My personal favorites would be the Graviton Lance, which fires a two-round burst using a milder and more pleasing explosion on impact, also Riskrunner, which deals more damage once its Arc Conductor fan is busy. They really feel as though true Exotics now and as a result are loot worth chasing, so much so the changes form of steal Warmind’s thunder.

The two of Warmind’s story missions have been disappointingly repurposed as Strikes, just like in Curse of Osiris. The addition of Nightfall-like modifiers to Heroic Strikes makes them far more difficult, at least, but the loot torso reward for completing them does not match the obstacle –weapons and gear drop at 340 power, which is about where you will be if you finish the story. The new cap is 385, which makes a massive gap between the”simple” material and the endgame which might have been filled with mid-tier Heroic Attack benefits. As a whole, the mid-level part of the growth is unfortunately pretty empty of anything to motivate you to continue going forward.

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