Make Your Home more Charming with Washers

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Washers are luminaires positioned on walls that have the function of distributing light indirectly and focused on the environment. They are very versatile and can be used both in the internal and external lighting of the house. In the interiors, they help to create an intimate atmosphere and can serve as a complement to general lighting. Already in the external spaces, the washers value the façade, indicate the way to the entrance of the house and illuminate the garden with elegance. They represent a true wildcard for decoration.

Washers in internal space

Using washers in the interiors of the residence is a practical way to make lighting more comfortable, even and cozy. They can highlight demarcated spaces on the walls, when used in hallways or on stairs, for example, replacing lampshades in the room, freeing up space on the nightstand, or even improving the distribution of light around mirrors in the bathroom or closet.

Choose discreet and modern washers for the décor, leaving the highlight to the light effect on the wall. The open-ended washers promote the directed light and decorate the coating with the brightness, while those covered with glass or fabric domes create a diffuse and uniform illumination that contributes to the feeling of warmth in the environment.

The position of the washers depends on their function. When positioned in corridors or to compose the general illumination of the space, it is recommended that they be arranged about 1,80m from the floor. If it is arranged next to mirrors or bed head, it is necessary to verify the visual composition of the elements and to leave the washers close to the object of prominence. On the stairs, washers can be used both on the top and near the steps, illuminating the path.

Washers in the external area

The outside area of the house has a lot to gain from the washers. They can be used to illuminate the façade, highlighting the architectural elements of the property, next to the main door, illuminating the visitors’ path and highlighting the entrance to the house.

It is also an option for lighting the gardens, being arranged on the walls and sides of the house, creating a focal illumination in pots and plants.



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