Is Hay Fever Rash Divided into Multiple Groups?

by RandyBastian on / Health

Until now, Hay Fever Rash is still said to be a fairly serious illness and can cause some of the effects that threaten your health if not treated or restored in a sustainable manner. No wonder, if along with the development of the era has a lot of several types of fever in which of all groups are not known in full or in the whole by all levels of society. However, you should still be careful about the symptoms of the disease for your body.

hay fever rash

The first type of Hay Fever Rash is Hiperpireksia, where a person with this type of fever will experience a symptom in which the body temperature will experience a pretty extraordinary heat. Where the average temperature for those who suffer from the disease will have a body temperature of more than 41 degrees Celsius and you can not underestimate it. Secondly, chronic fever which is almost part of the community has experienced it and where someone who experienced it continuous for more than 4 days from illness.


Then, the next class of Hay Fever Rashes is intermittent which is usually the type or experience of some people who experience rapidly rising body temperature and movement rapidly within a few days. Then, there is a type of remitten where the fever usually occurs repeatedly or futures by pengidapnya. Lastly, the other type of Hay Fever Rash is the constant fever where it occurs most often in the community and the body temperature remains normal and will usually improve within a few days. Fever is still commonly often experienced by all people from all walks of life, from infants, children, adolescents, adults and elderly where you do not need to worry about the disease because it only needs adequate drug and nutritional intake to ease the hot body temperature .


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