What Are The Floating Ribs Functions For The Heart And Lung?

by RandyBastian on / Health

It is not a general question that the position or existence of the Floating Ribs is always close to certain parts of organs, especially the heart and lungs where both parts of the body are categorized into the most sensitive organs of care and health. Therefore, the existence of the bone certainly has an important role for your health, including in maintaining the stability of the heart from the lungs in order to work optimally for your body significantly and sustainably.

floating ribs

Typically, one of the most familiar functions of the community or yourself of the existence of floating ribs for the heart and lungs is as a bone that acts or works to protect both internal organs. Because, both types are very susceptible to the existence of primary and secondary disturbance which is derived from the act of every human being itself, and at the same time assume that the disease comes from both the organs are only felt by adults and elderly people, but it not true or myth.


The next function of Floating Ribs for the survival of the heart and lungs is as a place to protect from all kinds of shocks that occur from within the body, as well as outside the human body. Because, it is no secret anymore if you or anyone often experience an event that makes your body becomes easily rocking or lost control. That’s where the role of the bone play a role and serves to protect the two organs of the body from the existence of things that threaten the working system of the heart and lungs. Although the incident or it has a minimal percentage, but there’s nothing wrong for you to always keep the workings of your body so as not to have excessive frequency of movement that can make both become tired or lost control.


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