Definition or Meaning of Refrigerator

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Refrigerator ( European Portuguese ) or refrigerator ( Brazilian Portuguese ) (also known asrefrigeratorinBrazil, andglacierinMozambiqueandAngola), is a household appliance used in food preservation. The term refrigerator used in Brazil to designate large refrigerators.

It consists of a metallic cabinet with shelves and drawers and an insulating door to keep the cold inside the appliance. The cold is produced by a compressor, usually driven by an electric motor. In most cases, the household refrigerator has a compartment to make ice and freeze fresh produce, although a kitchen may have one of these appliances and a separate freezer (eg a refrigerator chest ).

This utensil is a descendant of the old ice houses and ice boxes, which used natural ice produced in winter in the cold regions. Even today, thermally insulated plastic boxes are used to take things fresh to the beach, when camping, for the small sale of beers and soft drinks ), as well as the use in the transportation of sensitive materials such as some types of medicines.

In addition to the domestic version, industrial refrigerators that may be the size of a household, but specialized for various types of products (such as beverages or ice cream ), up to the size of a room in a house, or larger ones such as those used in cold stores to store fish , meat or vegetables for export , import , or for distribution. In this case, they are called the “cold room”.

The electrical efficiency of a residential corner refrigerator is basically a function of its capacity, but there are level differences if the system has a combined freezer (-18 degrees Celsius) or is a 1-door only system with a cold compartment (-3 to -5 degrees Celsius ). From an energetic point of view, it is not worth having a refrigerator 1 door and a freezer as 2 separate types of equipment when it is possible to have both in a single equipment. It is also important to note that for a given capacity there is a wide range of efficiencies, making it clear that it is very important to carry out a comparison before the purchase because the refrigerator is one of the most energy consuming items in a home.


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