How to Choose the Best Hamster Cages

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Hamster cages should be chosen with the right consideration. If you choose the right cage, then your hamster can have a good quality of life.

Right-Sized Cage

How to Choose the Best Hamster Cages

The first step is to choose a cage with the right size. The enclosure should have a size of 18 inches x 13 inches x 25 inches. This is the minimum cage for hamsters. A 13-inch cage can allow you to fit the wheels required by a Syrian hamster. You can buy a bigger cage than that size because a hamster needs room to play, climb, and run. Hamsters want a separate area to store food, sleep, and go to the bathroom. If you have two hamsters, then you need a bigger cage than the cage. There are some paired dwarf hamsters but you can keep the same sex hamster so that the hamster does not breed in the cage. Campbell and Roborovski can be put in one stable. Syrian Hamsters should not be placed in a cage because the hamster is very territorial.

Well Ventilated Cage

The second step is to choose a cage with good ventilation. If you buy a cage with bad ventilation, then this will cause the buildup of ammonia. Ammonia can be toxic to hamsters. Your hamsters may experience respiratory problems because of the ammonia. A bad cage can make your hamster become sick due to bacterial growth. The cage wire is well ventilated but the plastic hamsters and aquarium enclosure have poor ventilation. Perhaps the hamster will find it difficult to breathe because of poor ventilation. If you see that your hamster is not healthy, then you should replace the cage. More petsolutionfriend

Easy to Clean

You can choose a cage that can be cleaned easily. You should clean the cage twice a week. The easiest type of cage to clean is wire cages. The aquarium is a type of cage that should always be cleaned because of poor ventilation. That’s the right step to choose hamster cages.


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