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Sharp nose operation Safe and Durable

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Nose sharp with sleek lines is still considered the standard of beauty. Not surprisingly, sharp nose surgery to be one of the most desirable aesthetic surgery in Indonesia.

Chairman of Specialist Doctors Association of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Indonesia (PERAPI) Center Dr. Budiman, SpBP-RE (K) revealed that there are several ways that can be used to make sharp nose. lil kim plastic surgery

However, according to Budiman, for best results is to use cartilage. “The sharp nose of the most durable using cartilage. Can the cartilage of the ear,”

Besides it can also be combined with solid implants. The implants must be adjusted in size and shape with nasal conditions. If it is not right, the nose can be tilted or more prominent.

Budi said, the cartilage wears operating results can last a lifetime. This operation is safe to do.

Another way is by planting thread. But, according to Budiman way it is less effective. That must be avoided is the operation by injecting liquid silicone.

“That one was injected, the filler ternasuk though. The nose actually widened,” said Budiman.

In addition to nose surgery, aesthetic surgery many patients diiminati Indonesia include eyelid surgery, liposuction, facial attractiveness, to beautify the lips.

Budiman reminder, make sure the operation is performed by a plastic surgeon, not in the beauty salon. The operation action was already very common in Indonesia that did not have far to go abroad.

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Plastic surgery to beautify the face

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Plastic surgery of the face is a term that covers cosmetic surgery with deconstructive involving the head and neck. Work involves nasal surgery including implants on the chin and the whole face in general is an example of plastic surgery on the face. The plastic surgeon who has experienced an expert in facial anatomy and techniques in facial surgery and facial reconstruction in accordance with the shape of the head as desired. So the procedure is Mela surgery from the neck up. The procedures performed include

Examples of plastic surgery for beauty

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  • -Rhinoplasty is a nose job or nose surgery which aims to reshape the shape of the nose with the aesthetic appearance even to improve the functionality required no surgery hidung.Jika add or clone operations to achieve the desired result or due to any mistakes made during the operation so that the necessary revisions.
    -Facelift is raised or tighten the facial tissues over time. Usually the doctor will adjust to the demands of their patients.
    -Lift the neck. This happens due to a patient suffering from a turkey neck. It is necessary to remove excess skin and sagging skin.
    -Ear surgery or otoplasty is an operation performed because the ears are too big or too prominent. This operation is often referred to as “narrowing the ear”
    -Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. This operation is necessary to correct drooping excess skin is usually because there is fatty tissue of the eyelids.
    -Submental liposuction and liposuction sedation is an operation performed to eliminate fat in the lower part of the face.
    -Chin augmentation is an operation performed to remove someone’s chin that looks better or more balanced in accordance with the features of someone’s face

In addition to surgery of the face can also be done on other body parts such as the reconstruction of the breasts, surgery on the hand, the improvement results from injury, as a result of congenital defects such as cleft lip defects in the hands and feet and others.

As for beauty is a specialized branch of plastic surgery. As for the beauty section dissected no disability at all. Interest in facial plastic surgery to beautify, more symmetrical, proportionate and more attractive.

So when should you to perform plastic surgery on your face? The most suitable is that if you feel your face does not find another way to enhance your overall facial plastic surgery is the right answer, especially if the face is flawed or not symmetrical and other congenital defects.

The doctor who performed the surgery to be a specialist and has been certified and has been working in the hospital on the same field for at least five years. The doctors should graduate in the field of general surgery and most have had at least two years experience in the field of plastic surgery. And of course has a license and has also received a variety of additional exercises.

Side effects for each operation must exist. For plastic surgery operations such as bleeding, skin becomes blue, black is often called a hematoma. It can also lead to infection.

During and after a few days of operation typically use a sedative in order not to feel pain. Sedatives cause airway narrowing, nerve and brain damage and heart attack. Everyone has a different sensitivity due to the sedative.

Another effect is experienced as a result of the incision scars and wounds that are difficult to remove., Except for treatment in a special way.

Error in operating procedures so it does not get the desired shape of the face

If things happen as those mentioned should immediately consult or treatment back to the doctor who performed the surgery. This means that if there is a problem that handle different doctor. Usually the doctor will also advise the same. Kejadia as is often the case when conducting operations abroad bedang, when there is a problem they go spesilis surgery in the country.

If we look after the surgery is performed successfully, the results are displayed could face far very different from before surgery. Could be we do not recognize the face lagi.dari before. The previous face like grandma grandma or ugly change instantly like an angel’s face.
Like plastic surgery is certainly costly. It can be seen from the specialist doctor who is experienced in performing plastic surgery and specialized clinics that perform plastic surgery.
Hopefully, plastic surgery for beauty like this is borne by the Indonesian people pretty BPJS so beautiful and handsome all.

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Unique Hairstyles for Long Hair

by Cynthia Lundstrom on / Beauty

There are many kinds of unique hairstyles for long hair. The sole reason why there are many kinds of unique hairstyles is because the appeal of the hair itself. This means if you have unique and distinct hairstyles you can gain many kinds of benefits especially in the public. Yes, you can become more dominant and interesting person to know if you have unique hairstyles. Research has resulted that almost 80 % people will be interested in talking and makes acquaintance with a person who has unique and distinct hairstyles. This of course can make you give you certain benefit especially in social live and working activity.

As I have read on the website To make it simple, there are several popular unique hairstyles for long hair that can give you different kinds of benefit and gorgeous appearance. One of the examples of unique hairstyles is the braid your mane hairstyles. These hairstyles combine the French braid style in your hair with the curly hair model in the base hair. To make these hairstyles you need to create a deep side part on the left part of your hair. After you create deep side part you need to divide your hair into two different sections. You need to take the left side of your hair section and then French braid it on the back of your head. Of course you need hair tie to secure it on the nape of your neck.


After you take care of the left side of the hair you need to French braid the right side of the hair section around the hairline and then pin it down directly behind your ear. Finally, you need to give curly looks on the hair that out of the braid. This unique hairstyle for long hair is very complex and quite difficult to do it alone. For the best result it is advised to use professional hairdresser service in order to help you make this hairstyle.

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How to Get Rid of Acnes

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Obtaining a huge, red acne on your face occurs to actually every person, however, that does not imply you need to approve your loss and also wait patiently till the acne vanishes.

Initially, it is necessary to comprehend exactly how imperfections function (understanding your adversary is half the fight, nevertheless). “We have sweat glands in the skin that generally give dampness as well as lubrication, yet the mix of stress and anxiety and also hormonal agents could create blockages,” clarifies celeb skin doctor, Dr. Marina Peredo. “The microorganisms trigger swelling in the skin, which is why acne as well as acne kind.” And also voila! Easily, your skin flares.

How to Get Rid of Acnes

So, just how do you cost-free on your own of this pesky swelling? Below’s exactly how skin doctors suggest removing that huge ol’ a pimple immediately– as well as prevent making it even worse.

1. Hands off.

All skin specialists concur that you need to never ever, ever before select at your acne. We duplicate: Do not choose your acne. “It might appear alluring, yet bear in mind that as soon as you have actually selected at an acne sore, it will certainly take longer to recover as well as is most likely to mark,” cautions skin specialist Dr. Doris Day, writer of 100 Inquiries and also Solutions Concerning Acne. A trust funds us on this.

2. Obtain a little steamy.

Warmth is a very easy method to relieve your skin if you really feel an imperfection beginning, claims Dr. Margarita Lolis, skin doctor at Skin as well as Laser Surgical Procedure Specialists of New York City as well as New Jacket. “You could utilize a cozy compressor heavy steam to bring whatever to the surface area,” she describes. And also as soon as your acne shows up, use a place therapy. At the same time, you could make use of a cool compress to reduce the swelling of a specifically big, agonizing imperfection.

3. Do not stint cleaning your face.

“Your oil glands are energetic throughout the day,” discusses Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Supervisor of Cosmetic & Professional Study in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Facility; when that oil incorporates with dust, make-up and also contamination, it’s refraining from doing your skin any kind of supports. That goes double for exercises. “Sweat blended with dust as well as oil could end up being caught under damp exercise clothes,” possibly getting worse an outbreak. “If you cannot take a complete shower,” Dr. Zeichner claims, “a minimum of make use of a cleaning towelette,” like Great Housekeeping Appeal Innovation Honor champion and also Seal owner Olay Daily Facials Daily Clean 4-in-1Water Triggered Cleansing Cloths.

Use a reliable face soap to get rid of your acne. Sabun Black Walet is made from natural ingredients and can eliminate acne.

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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home Easily

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How to remove gel nail polish at home is not easy and difficult. It is extremely difficult if you do not know what to do, and it is fairly easy if you know what to do. Here will be given short tutorial regarding cleaning your beautiful nails when you are at home. Before going to the procedure, it is better if you prepare some essential stuffs to finish the work. Beginning with the tool, you need various tools. They are paper towel, foil wrapper, cotton ball, acetone, stick, and file. All of those items can absent except acetone, wrapper, and file.

Remove Gel Nail Polish

To begin with the procedure, you should file your nails. It is important that you keep paying attention when filing or sanding because you may hit your real nail. This step of how to remove gel nail polish at home is quite risky if you have lesser time because you tend to be in rush. Therefore, it is better that you have spare time for doing this task entirely. After that, the fun part begins. Theoretically, you should put your finger in acetone. However, it is totally a waste. That is why cotton ball comes in handy. Soak them in acetone, and put it on each nail. You should not have to feel sensation putting all fingers within the acetone liquid – except if you are willing to do so.


To keep them in place, you also should wrap your finger. That way, the acetone will not go anywhere else except on your nails. You should wait until your gel seems weakened and softened, then you can start to rubbing on. It usually takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete, and it all depends on you. Making sure that it is easy to peel will give you chance to achieve better result though. That is how to remove gel nail polish at home in easy way.

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